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14 Indians Among 19 Charged with US Immigration Scam

 2016-05-20 06:54:01.0

US Citizenship, Immigration, FakeTahlka News Bureau New York. Fourteen people of Indian origin are alleged with involvement in visa scam through sham �green card marriages or by fallaciously making claims of being crime victims, as alleged by officials. Federal prosecutor Gregory K. Davis said on Thursday that the accused from eight states, "who sought to undermine the integrity of our nation's immigration system," have been charged in the federal court in Jackson, Mississippi. The accusations, uncapped Thursday in Jackson, allege that Ivory Lee Harris, while being deputed as a Jackson police officer, prepared a series of false crime reports that permitted the men to meet the criteria for non-immigrant visas available for victims of certain crimes. Prosecutors also assert that four female US citizens entered into fraud marriages to help Indian men obtain legal status, typically in exchange for money. The prosecution allege that Simpson Lloyd Goodman, a Waynesboro, Georgia, lawyer helped submit deceitful immigration papers. Last month also US visa denial had came into light, where 21 people have been arrested, including10 from Indian American have been arrested for visa fraud case. The accused have been charged under the visa fraud for making false statements. The accused involved in the visa fraud case allegedly contacted a fake university in New Jersey in order to provide certificates for students legally studying and working in the US.

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