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#90skids PICS: 'Shaktimaan' to make a comeback on Indian Television

 2016-05-07 05:58:43.0

Superhero_ShaktimaanTahlka news Bureau, Mumbai: �It's time for 'Sorry Shakitmaan' once again! � Indian Superhero is returning to the small screen very soon.�If you grew up in the 90s in India then you probably had only one superhero, Shaktimaan. hqdefaultActor Mukesh Khanna says� "We are planning the return of Shaktimaan on television and the discussions are going on with few channels. I can't commit the date but you will get to see it soon." download (1)Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri, a mere photojournalist for a newspaper, has an alter ego, Shaktimaan. Shaktiman is like any other human being, but he has achieved superhuman strength after a lot of deep meditation and attaining control over the five elements of life. SHAKTIMAAAANThe second innings of Mukesh Khanna in and as 'Shaktimaan'. ShaktimanThe 57-year-old actor will retain the Shaktimaan role for himself. hqdefault (1)"I was very young when I played the role of Bhishmapitama in Mahabharat. I feel an actor can't be restricted due to age. Kekdaman-ShaktimaanI feel age is just a number. download (2)It depends on how you look and if you will be able to pull off the character with full conviction. hqdefault (2)The actor has also started to work on his looks and has already lost 8 kgs. Khanna says, "I am not trying to get six pack abs. I want to try and match up with the look that I had 15 years back." images

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