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Afghan Taliban infighting kills 100

 2015-11-11 11:20:17.0

taliban620_1792116c Kabul: �At least 100 Afghan Taliban militants were killed after fighting broke out with a splinter group in Zabul province in southern Afghanistan, a media report said on Wednesday.�Over the last four days, two Taliban factions have waged gun battles in Zabul, CNN quoted Ata Mohammad Haqbayan, the head of the Zabul Provincial Council, said on Tuesday. Militants loyal to Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, the Taliban leader, and Mullah Mohammad Rasool, the leader of a Taliban splinter group, clashed with each other over the group leadership.�On Tuesday morning, an Uzbek fighter carried out a suicide attack on Mansour's senior members in the province, killing some of them, according to Haqbayan. The division in the Taliban came after the group acknowledged in late July the death of its leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, and his replacement with Mansour. (IANS)

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