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Automatic Cleaning machine to Delhi Airport

 2016-12-27 08:37:55.0

New Delhi: DIAL has always been proactive in embracing technological innovations at Delhi Airport. At the brink of the new year we are glad to introduce the pathbreaking facility of Automated Aircraft Cleaning at Delhi Airport. This facility will significantly add to the Apron safety, improved aircraft availability and cost savings for the Airlines. We have a long standing partnership with Air India SATS and we look forward to taking it to the next level while keeping the interests of Passengers and Airlines in the forefront.
Features of Automated Aircraft cleaning:
�DIAL is ready to launch a technology enabled process of exterior cleaning of aircraft.
� It will be the first time in India that an aircraft will be cleaned with a robotic machine making the process more automated than manual.
� Currently exterior cleaning of aircraft is done manually using traditional tools on Indian airports. Manually it takes 15-20 cleaners 8-10 hours to complete external cleaning of a mid-size aircraft such as an A320.
� The automated process will significantly reduce the number of hours to finish exterior cleaning of aircraft.
� This process will be done by a computerized and self-contained robotics system brought from Sweden.
� The system has a mobile power unit, spray nozzles and rotating cleaning brushes powered by a lightweight remote control that permits safe and simple operation.
� The machine incorporates safety features designed to prevent accidental personal injury and aircraft damage.The consumables used in the process are PH neutral and are eco-friendly.
�Several other reputed airlines and airports such as Thai airways, Qatar airways, Doha airport, UK and Nordic region have embraced this automated method of exterior aircraft cleaning.
� The automated cleaning will have many benefits including: superior quality of cleaning leading to better fuel efficiency, reduction of turn around time, increased aircraft availability, better safety standards, long lasting cleaning effect and better on ground services. This will benefit the airlines immensely.
� This is one of the many initiatives of DIAL which focuses on enhancing processes by use of technology for better services.
�The concession is awarded to Air India SATS Airport Services Pvt. Ltd. and the concessionaire expects to commence the operations by early 2017. DIAL CEO, Mr. I Prabhakara Rao

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