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Bihar voter rejects communal politics: Pakistani daily

 2015-11-10 08:20:20.0


Islamabad: �The BJP's rout in Bihar marks a "decisive rejection of communal politics" in India, a Pakistani newspaper said on Tuesday.�"The Indian voter has demonstrated an early and decisive rejection of communal politics," the Dawn said in an editorial. "(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi would do well to listen to the voter. An India lurching to the right is a threat to domestic cohesion and regional stability," it added.�"Instead of trying to vilify Pakistan, perhaps Modi may want to reflect on what the Indian voter makes of the BJP's ugly politics."�The Dawn said the rejection by voters of the Bharatiya Janata Party's "communal-baiting and incendiary campaign ... is a victory for right-thinking people everywhere". But it "is too early to know if Modi and his BJP strategists will reconsider their approach to politics". The daily said while the BJP had been routed in Delhi too in February, the loss is Bihar was significant -- and "a reliable indicator of national electoral trends".


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