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Bollywood Female Celebrities Who Smoke In Real Life

 2016-05-05 10:11:37.0

imagesTahlka news Bureau, Mumbai:�Smoking is a dangerous habit and it needs no introduction. However, some do not seem to think otherwise. Here is a list of a few Bollywood actresses who are addicted to smoking. Kangana Ranaut :�Multi talented actress and a diva of bollywood Kangana Ranaut is also habitual of smoking. Often we have seen her in playing roles of women who smokes and same in with her real life. She fulfill her desires as she want them. She openly has been seen in public places while smoking. imagesKarishma Tanna :�TV series actress and also in well known for her work in a number of TV dramas in India. When she was a contestant of Bigg Boss season 8, her habit of smoking revealed by one of her co worker in Bigg Boss 8. She is so addicted to smoking that she always holds the packet of cigarettes with her in her bag. Sonali-RautSonali Raut :�Another Bigg Boss season 8 contestants Sonali Raut is habitual of smoking. It was revealed by the winner and also a fellow contestant of Sonali in Bigg Boss season 8 Gautam Gulati. Who while interview tells the secret about her habit of smoking without any hesitation in front of cameras and audience. rani-mukerji-759Rani Mukherjee :��One of the most talented female actresses in bollywood industry has ever had. She has worked with one of the greats of this business and been consistent all over her career. In movies like Bichoo and Who killed Jessica? She played a role of a female who smokes are habitual of smoking and same is with her life. downloadManisha Koirala :�This Nepalese beauty was addicted to smoking so badlythat she could not do away with the habit and wanted to smoke very frequently on the sets. imagesSushmita Sen :�Sushmita Sen is a former Miss Universe and this is so because she is beautiful and have an extraordinary personality. She was the top Actress in bollywood and made one of the best movies in Bollywood. She often picked the roles of a lady who smokes and she has shown it on screen but the people thought that it all was a part of the act but it was not. She is habitual of smoking in real life.

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