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Computer refurbisher Reboot Systems to expand capacity

 2015-11-07 10:54:47.0

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Chennai:� �Computer hardware refurbisher Reboot Systems India is planning to planning increase its capacity, set up metal extraction plant and raise around $15-25 million, a top official said. The company is in the business of procuring old desktops, laptops, gaming consolesand smart devices like tablets, refurbishing them and sell under its Reboot brand with licensed software and a warranty.�"We plan to expand our network to 250 outlets by 2017 and have a national presence. This year we will increase our network to 70 outlets from 20 Reboot Stores," Rahul Chowdhury, CEO and co-founder, Reboot Systems, told IANS on Saturday. According to him, the fresh capital will also be used for setting up facility to extract precious metals -- gold, copper -- present in the computer hardware and mobile phones.�"Extracting precious metals is a lucrative business. But there should be sufficient volumes warranting a new facility," Chowdhury said.�Speaking about sourcing old computers and laptops he said the company gets them from corporate, educational institutions, government and also participate in tenders issued by various organisations. According to him, the company currently have a capacity of refurbishing around 6,600 units per month and this will be increased to 10,000 units by the end of this fiscal. "Next year we will double our capacity to 20,000 units," he added.�According to Chowdhury, India already has heaps of electronic waste and this is going to grow more as people change their smartphones at frequent intervals. Soon the situation may warrant an e-Swachh Bharat, he said.�"Unlike the US, where 27 states mandate all government agencies and state-owned schools/enterprises to buy only refurbished IT products, the government offices and ministries in India have thousands of computers which never get disposed and are lying unused in godowns," he said. Reboot Systems sources computers made by well known players like Dell, HP, Lenovo and HCL as it is easy to get components for refurbishment of the systems. "We do not source unbranded or assembled desk tops," Chowdhury added. The company is also in talks with e-commerce companies to partner for setting up and operating their returns processing centres for returned assets. (IANS)

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