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Conjoined twins born with one liver

 2016-02-05 09:38:31.0

Conjoined twinsTahlka news bureau

Agra : A rare incident in Agra a 20-year-old woman gave birth to conjoined twins at a private hospital. Doctors said that ,the twins were born with one liver, two hearts, two lungs, four hands and four legs. The woman was unconscious but fine.

Twins born to Mohini, wife of a labourer Pradeep. Gynecologist Dr Shashi Gupta who along with his surgeon son Dr Sandeep Gupta are working on conjoined twins case,and said that �such twins are one in one lakh.�The separation of twins was an expensive operation but it can be done and the twins need to be separated within 34 weeks.

Father of twins, Pradeep said, �I don�t have enough money to take care of the twin but would do my best till the time they can manage to survive.

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