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Elusive Thoughts

 2016-01-30 14:05:19.0

By Sudeshna Majumdar sudeshna maThoughts can be Strange, ambiguous, eccentric, euphoric, ecstatic, emphatic, coercive, vexatious, indefinable, inevitable, phenomenal, mellifluous and so on and on, it can be mellow and soft and at times it is unabashedly clear. At times it kindles trail of emotions and sometimes just it seems a sojourn journey. Our thoughts jargon of emotions, by product of each other yet elusive to each other. Our thoughts face the paradox of having enormous upheaval of human emotions. Life takes twist and turn with thoughts and results in emotional wreck or make. Thoughts a fragment part of our mind yet quite powerful to shake emotional grounds of our life. The speed of thought can be more than light we can think of. It can ponder into past, future and even to next life. Amazingly powerful, isn't it. Thoughts defines us and at times it is inexpressible as well. Our joy and sorrow, laughter and pain are part of it. What if! theirs no thoughts with us, strange and unbelievable to think even. Thoughts couldn't be left or thoughts would not leave us, it breath with us and our every breath is incomplete without it. Human life evolves and revolves around it. Thoughts can make life phenomenal or it can be banal and prosaic. It has shades in all hues and its flow is immense enough to flood all boundaries. The strength and depth, the finer etching of emotional thrive is in is the power of elusive thoughts...!

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