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Champions Trophy 2017: Cabbie from Pak occupied Kashmir will support India

 2017-06-04 09:05:00.0

Champions Trophy 2017: Cabbie from Pak occupied  Kashmir will support India

Tahlka News Bureau

Birmingham: A fifty-five year old cabbie , Abdul Rashid from the streets of Birmingham has been driving for 26 years new and is like any other Asian population in the city he too, is a fan of cricket hailing from Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which he proudly calls "Azaad Kashmir", came to the city in early 90s looking for greener pastures. Rashid got married to a British women and has been here since.

He loves meeting Indians, as he considers them to be 'his brother'. so immediately the question come up in the conversation, "Whom are you supporting on Sunday?"

"Of course Pakistan. We are Pakistanis after all. I love Indians and consider them as my neighbors. But when it comes to cricket, you have to take a side," Rashid says.

He quickly called his cabbie friend Tejas Singh and introduces him to me via his phone loudspeaker. But while speaking to his friend, Rashind has a change of heart.

"I think India might win. The Pakistan always lose steam towards the end. They lost both the 2007 WT20 final and the 2011 World Cup semi-final from a winning position. In fact I think I will support India this time. That might ensure Pakistan wins the match," he says jokingly to me and his friend.

Apart from cricket, Rashid said he doesn't thinks about the conflicts. For him the conflict is political and people living in Kashmir want peace.

"No one in Kashmir on either side want any bloodshed or hatred. Both have lost enough. Time has come to look at the brighter side of things and bury the hatchet once and for all," he reflects before bidding goodbye.


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