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ABVP distupts seminar at Aligarh college for inviting AMU president Faizul Hasan

 2017-03-26 15:40:05.0

ABVP distupts seminar at Aligarh college for inviting AMU president Faizul Hasan

New Delhi: Another college event was disrupted by the ABVP activists, who stormed into an event hosting lawer Prashant Bhushan and Aligarh Muslim University president Faizul Hasan in Aligarh.

The event was taking place at the Dharam Samaj Degree College and the panelist were ment to have a talk on corruption. The ABVP members stormed the event calling Hasan an anti-national, following which there was scuffle between them and the organization.

After the event Hasan said, "I had come to speak about corruption. I had also come to spread the message of peace between Hindu's and Muslims. It needs to be spoken of in the repesent environment."

Earlier Hasan has been attaced by the ABVP for supporting Kanahiya

Last year, Hasan was attacked by the ABVP for supporting Kanahya Kumar in the protests that happened in JNU. Calling him an anti-national, ABVP got into a physical altercation to ensure that the event stops. ABVP leader Amit Goswami said, "Anti-nationals like him can't be given a platform to voice their opinions."

And caught in the crossfire, was Swaraj Abhiyan's Prashant Bhushan.

Bhushan launched an attack at the government saying, "This is what is prevalent in the country now, and the government is not just promoting corruption, but even attacking those who are trying to fight it. The government supports acts like this one done by the ABVP."

Second event to be disrupted by BJP's youth wing

In less than a month, another event was disrupted by the BJP's youth wing.

In February, Delhi University's Ramjas College witnessed a large scale violence outside its premises, by the ABVP and AISA. The reason for the clashes was an invite to JNU's Umar Khalid, despite the event being withdrawn by the organizers. Students , teachers and journalists were attacked outside Ramjas as tensions continued to simmer for the coming weeks in DU's North Campus.

Following the 'goodaism', DUSU president and member of ABVP, Amit Tanwar had said, " We did't start the vilonece , it was them. And let me make one thing clear, Umar Khalid will not be allowed to enter DU."

After the clashes, other colleges are postponing their events, like SGBT Khalsa College's street play event, after the ABVP said they can't assure safety in the campus. The ABVP has come under a sharp criticism for ruckus on campus and disrupting events. By bullying colleges into not inviting any student from JNU, they have also been accused of taking law into their own hands from not just DU professors, but politicians of the Opposition as well.


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