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Vishwajeet Rane 'Quit's' Party, Says; "Going Back To My People For A Fresh Mandate"

 2017-03-16 11:32:41.0

Vishwajeet Rane Quits Party, Says; Going Back To My People For A Fresh Mandate

PANAJI: Congress legislator and senior Goa leader Vishwajit Rane, resigned from the party right before BJP's Manohar Parikar won the votes of confidence in the state Assembly. Mr Rane addidng deep insult to Congress' injury while he walked out.

"I have resigned as MLA. I have also resigned as a member of the Congress party. I am going back to my people for a fresh mandate," Mr Rana said , accusing the party of "failing Goa."

He said he was yet to decide which party he would head to, but did not rule out joining the BJP.

A forerunner for Chief Minister if the Congress had formed government, Mr Rane has been very upset about the decision making abilities in the party since the party failed to move quickly enough to win support after election results showed that Goa had given a majority to no party. The Congress won the most seats, 17, but it was the BJP, with only 13 seats, grappling the smaller parties and individuals winners from a coalition and stake claim to run Goa.

A dishearten, Mr Rana - who is the five time Congress chief minister Pratap Rane has accused the Congress central leader in charge of Goa, Digvijay Singh , of "mismanagement".

Mr Rane could not be tracked for a while after he walked out of the assembly today, and the Congress was stumped. "Vishajeet Rane was with us... He took oath and everything.But he walked out.," said the party's Chandrakant Kavelakar after the trust vote, adding, "We looked for him in the bathroom etc... have no idea where he is."

Mr Rane's presence would not have affected the result of the vote as Chief Minister Parrikar sailed through 22 votes in his favor, one more then he needed to win in the 40-member house. While 16 legislators voted against, all from the Congress; 17 if Mr Rane had stayed and voted.

Mr Rane this morning while leaving for the Goa assembly said he would vote for the Congress, sting," As of now I am with the Congress, why are you asking me anything... I an m not the one running the show, I am just an MLA, ask me after the vote."

Minutes later he left for the Assembly.

The chief of regional party Goa forward, Vijay Sardesai, alleged that the Congress had attempted to contact hi, as the party scrambled to ensure a defeat for Mr Parrikar in today's trust vote.

Last night, Digvijay Singh claimed the Congress had the number's to stall the BJP, but by this morning when the dust was settled ,the party had clearly given up as Mr Sardesai and other allies reconfirmed their allegiance to Mr Parikar, who resigned as the country's defence minister earlier this week to return to Goa.


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