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Facebook 'Community Help' tool launced in India with new 'Safety Check' feature

 2017-02-08 15:47:26.0

Facebook Community Help tool launced in India with new Safety Check feature

After first introducing it in November last year Facebook now has launched a new feature within Safety Check to better help people in times of emergency and crises, called Community Help. It allows victims to find for help nearby from all those who are willing , it has been rolled out that to Indian users, and will be available for natural and accidental disasters.

The Safety Check featured was introduced three years ago and has gradually widened since. It was initially only used for natural disasters, but has gradually been switched on for terror attacks and other problems and is now automatically triggered – occasionally causing its own problems.

Facebook has also announced to revamp the Safety Check itself in November. While initially only Facebook could activate the feature, users now have the power . Facebook explains that global crises reporting agencies NC4 and iJET International will alert in that an incident has occurred and give title , and then it begins monitoring fro posts about the incident in the area. If a lot of people are talking about the incident, they may be prompted to mark themselves safe, and invite others to do the same.

In the Community Help feature when Safety Check is activated, and users are marking themselves as safe, they will now also see new button called 'find Help which opens a new page where you can find nearby help within your community.

"With Community Help people can find and give help, and message others directly to connect after a crises," facebook's Naomi Gleit said.

"We saw the community do this on their own through Groups and posts, like in the aftermath of the flooding in Chennai, India, in December 2015, but we knew we could do more.

"We also talked with exerts, humanitarian relief organizations and our in-the-field research to learn how to make it easier for people to find and give help."

Facebook said the feature will initially be deployed in India , US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia before being rolled out globally.


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