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Ramjas Protests: Hundreds Of DU-JNU Students Marched Today After The 'Tiranga March'!

 2017-02-28 13:21:23.0

Ramjas Protests: Hundreds Of DU-JNU  Students Marched Today After The Tiranga March!

NEW DELHI: Students from various DU colleges as well as those from JNU were seen holding a march in North Campus today. The march, which begin this noon is expected to see over 500 students participate.The protest came a day after the ABVP-backed Delhi University Students Union held a 'tiranga March' from Ramjas College to Art Faculty.

A day after the Tiranga March held by ABVP-backed Delhi University Students Union from Ramjas college to Art faculty. Meanwhile, Delhi University student Gurmear Kaur, who was part of the save DU campaign, announced the she's withdrawing from it but urged to students to attend in large numbers.

Delhi University Teacher's Association (DUTA) address the protesting students and media present at the rally. "We condemn the violence at Ramjas College. It was an assault on the Ramjas students and not about left and right debate, as the media is portraying," says DUTA President Nandita Narain.D Raja and Sitaram Yechury join JNU & DU students' protest march against ABVP in North Campus area,
This is a collective fight to defend our constitutional rights. We will be raising the issue of DU in the parliament, says D. Raja.
"They cannot win this with their intellectual skill and want to replace it with violence. Humara nationalism is 'We are Indian' not 'who is a Hindu'?," says Sitaram Yechury at the protest march.

Delhi University Teacher's Association (DUTA) address the protesting students and media present at the rally. "We condemn the violence at Ramjas College. It was an assault on the Ramjas students and not about left and right debate, as the media is portraying," says DUTA President Nandita Narain. AAP Timarpur MLA Pankaj Pushkar addresses the protest at DU. "I stand for freedom of expression," he said. Earlier today, AAP leader Atishi Marlena asked why Delhi Police did not take immediate action against ABVP activists who she said attacked students, teachers as well as journalists at Ramjas College here on February 22.

Protesting students quote Faiz to assert their right to freedom of speech and expression. A placard at the protest march reads: "Bol ke lab aazaad hain tere."

Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav addresses the protesting students. Urging unity among students, he said, "Students must come together and not be afraid of divisive forces." The former UGC member lashes out at RSS-backed organizations. "They (the RSS) talk about nationalism when they have not even hoisted the national flag at their Nagpur headquarters," Yadav alleged.Yogendra Yadav said the state sponsored 'gundagardi'.He also talked about today's march saying the students does not support any 'left or right'.

Yogendra Yadav also expressed opposition towards campus-based violence. "I vehemently oppose the gundgardi in universities. Struggling against this will strengthen our democracy, just like it did post emergency, Everything has to start from us and we have to invite those who propagate divisive ideas for debates. This is not left and right debate but of right and wrong," he said."This march is uplifting, in the light of what of what we have witnessed, the state sponsored gundagardi. These students are not from the left to right; they are not political activists. They are students asserting what they want, which is no gundagardi," says Yogendra Yadav.

"It is not a fight between left and right. My primary concern is that the violence perpetuated by ABVP is being backed by those who are in power, the BJP. ABVP is entirely responsible for the violence and we are vehemently opposing that" says Kumar Sarvarkar, a protester who attended the DU protest march to show his solidarity.

Students and faculty members from various colleges condemn the violence on campus. Many were worried after the February 22 incident where stones were thrown at faculty members, guests and students. "This fight is for our University space," they said.

Former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar raises slogans against ABVP at the event. Kanhaiya was one of three JNU students arrested last year in the sedition case.

Protesting students demand 'azaadi' for freedom of speech and expression and from 'ABVP hooliganism.'

Students at the march say our march is to claim our space without the goons of RSS, ABVP. "It was just a seminar for education," says a student.

Students from across Delhi University have joined the protest this noon. Students from Lady Shri Ram and St Stephen's College are participating in the event. While earlier protests were tagged to be backed by Left student unions, today's seems to have the backing of students that are unaffiliated. Students of Miranda House college are also present at the event.

Delhi Police personnel tried to halt the march of the protesters near Law Faculty a little while ago. However, the march soon resumed and headed it's way to the Arts Faculty, where it's supposed to culminate. The rally has reached Ramjas College where there is massive police deployment. On February 22, ABVP activists allegedly pelted stones and thrashed students and teachers at the Ramjas College while protesting the invitation to JNU student activist Umar Khalid for a seminar. People from all sections of student community are present in the march.

However ,members of ABVP said in a press conference said "We will not allow freedom of speech to disintegrate our nation,we will welcome Umar Khalid if he says Kashmir an integral part of India.

All ABVP members maintain that they are blameless and it was the left that incited the violence. "JNU, Jamia suppress the voice of ABVP in their campus. There has always been peace in DU because of ABVP. It was because of aggressors from outside that the violence happened," says ABVP member.

Also,will be holding another rally from Miranda house on March 4 at 2pm.

ABVP tried to calm down the situation. This is their strategy. They want to do one anti-national event in a year. Now they want to spoil the environment of Delhi University. Common students are wondering why there is so much police in the campus. Those who protest against police in JNU campus are enforcing police in DU: ABVP delhi state secretary.

ABVP claims that the left attacked and not them."We also had the Tiranga march yesterday, we wanted 'tirangakaran' of the campus," ABVP member in press conference.

They have taken over the ideology of Swami Vivekananda when he was our deal, they added.

Following the clashes last week, for which the role played by the Delhi Police came into question, today's march saw a heavy deployment of forces as the authorities did not wanted any untoward incident to be repeated. On February 22, students alleged that Delhi Police personnel were being selective in their targetting and ABVP activists had a free hand.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will be meeting L-G Anil Baijal to demand the Delhi Police take action against ABVP for perpetrating violence on DU campuses and for the alleged rape threats to student Gurmehar Kaur.Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur early Tuesday morning announced that she's withdrawing from the Save DU campaign – that's protesting against student violence on campuses – saying she's 'gone through enough'.


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