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Indian renowned classical vocalist Kishori Amonkar passes away

 2017-04-04 05:48:51.0

Indian renowned classical vocalist Kishori Amonkar passes away

Tahlka News Desk
Mumbai: Renowned classical vocalist Kishori Amonkar passes away at the age of 84 after brief illness. Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled the demise of famous vocalist said "Demise of Kishori Amonkar is an irreparable loss to Indian classical music. Deeply pained by her demise. May her soul rest in peace." he also said "The works of Kishori Amonkar will always remain popular among people for years to

Amonkar passed away at her home in central mumbai tonight said by family, her contibution to Indian musical industry is tremendous. She is considered to be the foremost singers in the Hindustani tradition and is an innovator of the Jaipur gharana where a community of musicians share a distinctive musical style.

Kishori Amonkar was born on 10th April 1932 in Bombay. Amonkar mother Mogubai Kurdikar was a well known classical singer she trained under her mother. but she also learns different variety of styles in her career.

From 1940's Amonkar started learning voacal lessons in Hindustani Classical music from her tutor Anjanibai Malpekar (of Bhendi Bazar Gharana) , Anwar Hussain Khan ( Agra Gharana), Sharadchandra Arolkar (Gwalior Gharana) . In an interview she has stated that " There is nothing called a gharana. There is only music. It has been bound in these gharanas and that is like dividing music into specific castes. One should not teach the students the limits of this art. There are none. But one has to understand the grammar. Which is why, one is taught the alankaar, the ragas".

Kishori Amonkar has also published a book in 2010 in Marathi and titled 'Swaraatha Ramani' where she had explained her views in music theory and practice.

In recognition of her contribution to the arts and music she received many awards Padma Bhushan in 1987, Padma Vibhshan in 2002 she received two civilian awards.

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis also condoled to her death.


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