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Mayawati strikes back at PM Modi calling him as "Mr Negative Dalit Man"

 2017-02-20 13:37:49.0

Mayawati strikes back at PM Modi calling him as Mr Negative Dalit Man

The BSP supremo Mayawati striked back at PM Narendra Modi, terming him as "Mr Negative Dalit Man", at an election rally in Orai region of Jalaun in Bundelkhand region.

"Perturbed at the rising of the BSP, the prime minister is indulging in cheep things and indulging in petty talk about its supreme leader and has termed BSP as 'Behenji Sampatti Party' (Behenji Assets Party) she said at an electoral rally here.

Mayawati is popularly known as 'Behenji'.

"He (Modi) is an expert in jumlebaazi (rhetoric) but when he have been compelled to do the same for him," she said.

"Narendra damodardas Modi means Mr Negative Man, he is anti-dalit... This negative dalit man does not like that common people give small contributions in running the movement which is alo run the movement which is also through donations," Mayawati said.

Her retrot came soon after Modi, at an election rally in Orai region of Jalaun in Bundelkhand region, noted that BSP is no longer Bahujan Samajwadi party.

"... bahujan toh Mayawati me simat gaya hai... it is Behenji Sampatti Party now. Those who deposit wealth for themselves, can they solve your problem?" Modi asked.

Striking back harder, Mayawati said, "He (Modi) does not know that BSP is a movement first and then a political party... I have dedicated my entire life for making members of dalit, deprived and weaker sections and Muslims stand on their feet." Launching a personal attack on the prime minister, Mayawati said,"Unlike him i have not got married.. he had gone married and later left his wife, which is another thing...and I have only worked for the deprived sections of society." "It is because of this dedication that people among weaker sections do not consider me only as a leader but a big 'sampatti' (asset) for the movement," Mayawati said.

"He is giving the definition of BSP... he does not know that deprived and weaker sections consider me as a big wealth of bahujan samaj who has given up her entire life for their progress," she said.

An aggressive Mayawati said if the opposition tried to express their views about the BSP in their rhetoric ways again ,they should know that this 'daughter of dalit' will always be 'two steps ahead of them' as she does not lack in anything.

"This dalit ki beti does not lack in anything and if he defined the BSP wrongfully, she is two steps ahead of him," she said.


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