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PM Modi said don't lobby for transfers and postings to UP MP's

 2017-03-24 06:32:49.0

PM Modi said dont lobby for transfers and postings to UP MPs

Tahlka News Desk
New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi advised BJP MP's to refrain from lobbying for transfers and postings that was the bane of previous governments in the state. PM has also asked party MPs to avoid discrimination in development work irrespective of the poll result and support for BJP. "Rather, we should be more focused on areas where the party has lost," Modi said, suggesting that constituencies represented by opposition MLAs be allocated funds equally. Modi spent close to two hours with the MPs from both Houses, including ministers, as he spelled out a list of "dos and don'ts" for them. The party has 71Lok Sabha MPs and three Rajya Sabha MPs from the state.

"Refrain from lobbying for bureaucrats' transfer-posting," the PM is understood to have said and cautioned that previous governments had become notorious for this. This was a strong element in BJP's campaign attack on SP and BSP during the elections.

"Pichli sarkaro mein transfer-posting udyog ban gaya tha. Usase bachiye (transfer-posting had turned into an industry in previous governments, refrain from that)," Modi told party MPs. His advice came a day after portfolios were allocated to new ministers on Wednesday .

Ever since the change of dispensation, a buzz about a massive overhaul of the bureaucracy has become louder in a state where successive governments have looked to pick officials of their choice and political leanings are often openly flaunted.

Modi has been consistently trying to "discipline" party lawmakers as he had strong words for them during a parliamentary party meeting this week. He asked MPs to ensure presence and participation in House proceedings. Attendance in the treasury has increased since then. To ensure compliance, the PM has frequently attended House proceedings in the recent past.


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