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PM Modi says, Eradicating Corruption is in My Character

 2017-02-11 11:35:07.0

PM Modi says, Eradicating Corruption is in My Character

Tahlka News Desk
Rudrapur: Addressing an election campaign rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that politicians and bureaucrats are the real people who have looted the country. "Those who have looted the country will have to return what they have taken," Modi said in Uttarakhand rally. He added "People have problem with me because I have stopped corruption," he said. "My fight is for the poor of country, I don't want to trouble, but those who have looted the poor by misusing power," he said. The prime minister also congratulated the scientists for successful testing of a missile that can destroy other missiles 50 km above in air.

Highlights of Pm Modi Speech:

Uttarakhand's dreams are Atal Bihari Vajpayee's dreams, says PM Modi

This fight against black money and corruption is tough but playing with danger is in my character, says PM Modi

With your wishes I am fighting this battle against black money and corruption.

India doesn't have shortage of money, but corruption and black money has gripped it from within so much so that the rights of poor are snatched away. But I have initiated the fight against blask money.

My government wants to give the youth employment, wants to give water to farmers' land, give good education to children, good medicines to old people.

Can you imagine how many youths will get employment due to this? This will give a big boost to tourism.

We have been hearing of Char Dham Yatra. Don't people have the right to have good roads leading up to these religious places? asks PM Modi

Development is the only way forward, a solution to all problems.

There are people in Uttarakhand who don't have any interest in development, but only want to save their seats.

We have to take this Dev Bhoomi forward, give us an opportunity to serve you.

We want to provide employment to the youth of Uttarakhand.

Today, the opposition is asking for proof of Surgical strikes. The whole world is talking about India's achievement, but our politics has reached such low levels that some ministers are asking for proof, says PM Modi.

This Dev Bhoomi is also the land of the courageous.

Whatever development happens in Rudrapur, the country gets to know within minutes.


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