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Samajwadi Party do not need any alliance: Mulayam

 2017-01-30 07:53:45.0

Samajwadi Party do not need any alliance: Mulayam

Tahlka News Desk
Lucknow: Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav not happy with the alliance with congress says won't campaign for the new political alignment he refused to do campaign. Mulayam singh said SP was much capable of winning the election by its own and forming the government there was no need for an alliance. "we contested the elections alone and we got majority and and formed the government". Mulayam Singh said alliance was not required, "I have always opposed the the congress which have ruled for so long but have done nothing for the development of the nation". He added to his statement that with the alliance of SP and congress i'm not happy and will not campaign for this tie-up in elections.
Expressing his sadness over the Samajwadi Party giving away 105 seats to the congress as a part of the seat sharing formula ,mulayam said this will hit the party workers who have been working in the hope of contesting elections. He also said what all those leaders of SP will do for five years who lost their seats for as part of the alliance deal.
Mulayam singh said the party workers should spread the word around that the alliance won't benefit the party


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