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India-Sri Lankan Journalist wrote the golden chapter

 2016-11-08 12:05:04.0

sri-lanka-matter Utkarsh Sinha On the Occasion of 61 Sri Lanka Press Association Foundation Day to participate in the celebrations of the Indian Federation of Working Journalists of 20-member team. On October 24 evening journalists on the ground of Sri Lanka and India and entered a new chapter of partnership between journalists and the ground had been prepared to write. Indian delegation representing India in 6 states and their institutions all journalists working in high positions were senior journalist. President of the Indian Federation of Working Journalists delegation Mallikarjunaya VV, senior vice president Hemant Tiwari and general secretary Parmanand Pandey. First day of Colombo was fantastic. 61 Press Association of Sri Lanka from India arrived to attend the installation ceremony of the Indian delegation and it was overwhelming. We got red carpet welcome while arriving at colombo's Bandaranaike international hall. Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, was the Chief Guest and Media Minister Kruna tilak Gyantha was the Guest of Honour.

IFWJ president VV Mallikarjunaiya, senior vice president Hemant Tiwari, general secretary Parmanand Pandey and his remarks covered a shawl from India to the Sri Lankan President and presented souvenirs. Chairman of IFWJ Sri Lanka Press Association thanked the delegation for coming to the event and the mutual relations of the two countries and strengthen the journalist reiterated.

Sri Lankan President Sirisena, in his address he recalled the historical relations between Sri Lanka and India that we have learned a lot from the Indian democracy and our media has learned a lot from the Indian media. To strengthen democracy, the role of a powerful media, the President said that we want more freedom to the media and to contribute actively to the consolidation of democracy. The second day of Sri Lanka visit began with Sri Lankan Ratnapura district. Here, white, blue and yellow sapphire fields are there. Chief of the Assembly of the State of gems Sabargamu Shri Mahipal Herat MP welcomed the Indian delegation and explained about the natural wealth of the state. Continuously sitting second time as chief minister Herat is so simple that he started serving the dinner plate to people by his own. Here, the Chief Minister office is open for the public.

At the function students of journalism also had interaction with the delegation. About Indian media freedom and to learn its power these students were quite curious. In the evening the delegation was taken to Silogama village where a memorable night has been spent and that will be memorable. Province of Sabargamu tourism minister Atul Kumar himself were present to receive journalists, with village officials. Here, the government has done some arrangements, as a paying guest in house for living foreigners. Silogama village is nestled in the lap of nature and nature conservation program in the world, here is an example. Prahra folk dance and wonderful treats of grain paddy fields of less fertilizers were incredible experience in rural life in Sri Lanka delegation and every member of this whole experience will last a lifetime.

The delegation spent his third day in Neyura Elia. This place simply called the Switzerland of Sri Lanka. When IFWJ journalist's 20-member delegation arrived here, the drive for him was curious to see Sita Ashok Vatika. It is said that this is the place where was Ravana Palace and where he had placed Sita ji. Sita is highly respected in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has also build a temple here. It is saying that this the place where hanuman met with Sita . His legs are as set forth in the yellow circle. Elia Niura Journalists Association did the warm welcome. And at the evening we enjoyed the beautiful cultural evening at Boat on the lake and that was superb. The General manager of Hotel Arelia Green, Padmashree liyanage personally greeted all of us. The last day of the farewell tour of Sri Lanka Deputy Minister Krunaratna Priavitana media said that we are very impressed with India's information rights laws and firmly intend to introduce it here. He urged the media to the media and through the Right to Information Act to empower the media to help the Sri Lankan side. Leading Indian journalists, senior journalist and senior vice president of IFWJ Hemant Tiwari said his organization is ready to move, always positive and we will always play our part together with the Sri Lanka Press Association.

Throughout the journey, the former chairman of the Sri Lanka Press Association Mudit Kariakrwana , general secretary Upul Janaka Tillakaratne and foreign secretary, Kurlu Kariakrwana continued small talk in the coming days to press both sides to strengthen coordination and conflicts and relationships and strategic discussion.

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