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Of indulging in whisky and cigars

 2016-02-08 07:32:06.0

Decanter of whiskey and a glass with cuban cigar

New Delhi,�George Bernard Shaw once rightly said "Whisky is like liquid sunshine" and these hallowed words were given a new meaning at Dramz Whisky Bar and Lounge which hosted an 'Indulge' whisky and cigar festival here. Variants of whisky, which would make most salivate and cigars that accentuate some of that lingering delight in your mouth, was what, the festival over the weekend - overlooking the majestic Qutab Minar - thrived on. Few would understand the nitty gritty involved in the world of whisky but all that came together in this one-of-a-kind tasting session. The brainchild of Dramz owner Sunil Aggarwal, the extravaganza - what the naysayers would call a menace to society - brought to life something bordering on elitist drinking. In his words, "there is a difference between getting drunk and drinking for pleasure". Well, this was a 'pleasure' that most people would give away their limbs for. "Whisky is a drink that is a common love of the masses of India," Aggarwal told IANS. "India is still not very educated on the different whisky variants and this is the gap I want to fill, to bring the refined taste to the people." Aggarwal now has planned to turn 'Indulge' into an annual fest along with other alcohol tastings such as gin, wine and cognac. "Whisky is something one can drink whatever way he/she wants. It is only with time that we start developing the finer taste," he added. 'Indulge' featured 46 labels, including household names like Glenfiddich, Glenlivet and Chivas Regal, to name a few. Glenfiddich and Chivas? Yes, single malts and blended whisky cannot be spoken of in the same breath. But what the Chivas Regal 'Extra' brought to the table is something that cannot be explained in mere words. The Glenfiddich had three variants - 12, 15, 18 years - and without a shadow of a doubt the 15-year-old hit just the right note. The Glenlivet, the favourite of many, brought something new that would send the loyalists into a tizzy. Welcome - Founder's Reserve! A replacement for the 12-year Glenlivet vintage. Now, going back to a certain Chivas Regal 'Extra'. Blended whisky is something the purists, plain and simply shun. Packaged in a sherry cast box, this dynamite of goodiness wipes out all preconceived notions. A little fruity, just the right of smokiness and light to your inner organs, it almost seemed like drinking elixir. Whisky aside, Delhi's waning winter with the backdrop of the iconic Qutab Minar made this evening something right out of a work of fiction. Add to that, cigars, maybe not Cuban, but brands like Toscano, Belmore, Davidoff, Pardon and Gurkha strutting their stuff, made the event all the more special. The idea of educating the masses with the high-end whisky is a very noble thought indeed but whether it brings the desirable results, remains to be seen.By Karishma Saurabh Kalita�(IANS)

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