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China retaliates by renaming places in Arunachal Pradesh

 2017-04-20 15:07:20.0

China retaliates by renaming places in  Arunachal Pradesh

New Delhi: In what is seen as an act of retaliation by the Chinese to India's provocative move in which it allowed the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to visit the disputed region of Arunchal Pradesh earlier this month, it has unilaterally renamed six places in Arunachal Pradesh on Wednesday.

The China's foreign ministry has called it as assertation of sovereignty.

Arunachal Pradesh, is an eastern Himalaya state administered by New Delhi but claimed by China as Southern Tibet.

Changing the names was "legitimate" action done in line with Chinese law, Chinese foreign ministry was quoted as saying by the state media on Wednesday, fortifying Beijing territorial clam.

The civil affairs ministry had "standardised in Chinese characters, Tibetan and Roman alphabet the names of six places in South Tibet which India calls as 'Arunachal Pradesh', in accordance with the regulations of the State Council", reads a quote from the report published in state run Global Times print, on Tuesday.

The media report indicated that "The official names of the six places using Roman alphabets are Wo'gyainling, Mila Ri, Qoidengarbo Ri, Mainquka, Bumo La andd Namkapub Ri." Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson defended the move on Wednesday, saying "It is actually carried out in accordance with our regulations about the names of localities and is legitimate action by the government."


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