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Google will pay 1.28 crore for finding bug in Android

 2017-06-05 12:02:21.0

Google will pay 1.28 crore for finding bug in Android

Tahlka News Bureau

Recently 'Judi Malware' was found in the Android Google Play Store, which targeted approximately 36 million users worldwide. Earlier, there have been many such occasions when hackers have found the flaws in Android and have harmed them by reaching the Malware to the users.

According to the cyber security firm Check point, dozens of dangerous apps have been downloaded from Android 5 million to 18 million times on the Android Smartphone from Google Play Store.

According to the reports, Google the parent company of Android has increased the amount of bug bounty. That means now you will be paid more than what you have paid earlier for bug fix. It has been reported that the amount of bounty reward for bug fix on Android as now been increased to $ 2 million (about 1.28 crore).

It is noteworthy that Google started a bug-bounty program for Android almost two years ago. Cash prize is given to those security researchers who find bug in Android. The amount of reward is decided on the basis of seriousness of bug. However, bugs have not yet been found in Android's main components. So far, the company give a bounty of 30 thousand to 50 thousand dollars after finding a weakness in Android's main components.

What Happens in bug bounty program

Not only Google, the world's largest tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft also runs big bounty programs. Indian hackers are at the forefront of finding bugs on Facebook, and many of them have received prize money of more than RS 50 lakh.

Under the bug bounty program, any developers, hackers or any common man has to report a loop-hole of Facebook or any other company. After the report, the company reviews it and if the company finds a potential threat from the fault found, then the reward is given to the finder.


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