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Nine dead, 50 injured after a garment factory's boiler exploded in Dhaka

 2017-07-04 07:39:23.0

Nine dead, 50 injured after a garment factorys boiler exploded in Dhaka

Tahlka News Bureau

Dhaka: At least 9 people killed and 50 other have been critically injured after a boiler exploded inside a garment factory in Bangladesh on Monday night, authorities said.

The six story building burned through the ground after the blast, while dozens of laborers were present outside the factory.

"It is a terrible. Fire bridge officers have arrived and are doing rescue work. The factory's boiler exploded and the blast also affected other buildings near the factory," police officer Harunur Rashid said.The factory, owned by textile manufacturer Multifabs, which make clothing for mostly European brands according to its website.
"Nine people were killed approximately 50 were injured. Six bodies were recovered at spot and two more in the hospital. The casualties included passers-by who were walking outside the factory", Mohammad Akhteruzzaman, deputy assistant director of the fire service said.

The explosion tore through the roof of the building and several walls.

Al Amir, a worker at a nearby garment factory, he heard the loud bang of the explosion when he was attending evening prayers at a mosque some 300 meters away from site.
"I ran to the spot instantly and saw a huge smoke. I saw blood all over the bodies of some injured workers and instantly called the fire brigade", he said.

Factory director Mesba Faruqui, said the main site was closed today but a group of workers were overseeing maintenance of the boiler.

Bangladesh has over 4,500 garment factories employing more than four million mostly female workers at minimum monthly wage of $68.

Famous for its poor workplace safety, and lack of basic equipment such as ventilation and air coolers.
More than 1,100 people died in April 2013, when a nine story Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in one the worlds worst industrial disasters.


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