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Plane Crashed In South Sudan All 44 People On Board Dead

 2017-03-20 17:27:24.0

Plane Crashed In South Sudan All 44 People On Board Dead

A deadly plane crash in the African country of South Sudan on Monday, March 20, is believed to have led to the death of all 44 people on board — including the flight and cabin crew– on the flight. The plane was coming from Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

A spokesmen from the ground zero at Wau airport speak of the magnitude of the crash. The tenders were seen struggling to douse the flame. The plane reportedly belonged to the South Supreme Airlines, a carrier based out of South Sudan that started operating as recently as September 2013.

Fire fighters rushed at the spot after the crash, and reports vary on what they pulled out of the wreckage. Aid workers have been quoted as saying that several were injured in the flight. Local reports, however, claim that 44 aboard the flight have died.

Located in the north-eastern Africa, South Sudan is possibly the youngest independent countries in the world, having achieved freedom in 2011.


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