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Protester's gathered outside US embassy in Syria condemning the airstrikes

 2017-04-11 14:10:18.0

Protesters gathered outside US embassy in Syria condemning the airstrikes

New Delhi: People in Syria today attended a rally to condemn the air strikes waving the two-star flag of the Syria and picture of president Bashar Assad outside the UN's office in the Mazzeh neighborhood of the Syrian capital.

There were holding playcards, reading "Iraq will not happen again, this is Assads Syria," and "Trump supports terrorism."

While some chanted, "death to America, death to Israel!."

The US warships on Friday fired 39 Tomahawk missiles at a central Syrian air base from which Washington claims government launched a chemical attack that killed at least 87 civilians.

However, the Syrian government denied using the toxic substances, saying it struck an arms deport used by extremists and describing the US strike as "foolish and irresponsible behavior."

"We came to denounce the American strike," said Ayyad Talab, head of the university students' branch in the National Syrian Students Union, which organized the protest.

The protesters said they are ready to defend their country, with everything they have.

"We want to say that we are ready tol defend our country, armed with our work, our minds, and our ideas and with our soul if necessary."

The NSSU submitted a letter, addressing the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, that the United Nations mission in Damascus said it would forward to his office.

"We came to condemn the American aggression on our country. We consider it a disgrace to the democracy that America claims," protester Mahmoud Issa said.


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