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Russia: 10 dead 50 injured in St. Petersburg subway station blast

 2017-04-03 14:03:25.0

Russia: 10 dead 50 injured in St. Petersburg subway station blast

MOSCOW: An explosion tore through a subway train in Russia's St. Petersburgh on Monday, killing atleast 10 people on board and injuring 50 others, official said.

According to the Russian Anti-Terrorist Committee's statement the blast happened when the train was between two stations in the country's second largest city.

Images of the wrecked coach were circulated on Social media, showing a mangled train car and wounded people laying on the ground. Emergency vehicles parked outside what appears to be an entrance to the station was also seen. But none of these images have been verified.

The blast took off when the train was between the Sennaya Ploched and Tekhnologichesky Institute subway stations.

Apparently, the Russian President Valdimir Putin was also in St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city of around 5 million people that's some 390 miles from Moscow.

Putin has said that "all possible causes of the blast in the St.Petersburg metro are being considered, including terrorism," in a statement.

While, the Russian intelligence agency FSB is investigating the explosion and all subway stations in the city were closed.


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