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Somalia's new President apponted Hasan Ali Kheyre its new Prime Minister

 2017-02-23 15:47:19.0

Somalias new President apponted Hasan Ali Kheyre its new Prime Minister

Mogadishu: Hassan Ali kheyre has been announced as the new Prime Minister of Somalia on Thursday by the country's new President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

Mohamed , popularly known as Farmaggio, mad e the announcement on Twitter.

Tensions between Somali president and and their prime minister in recent years have frequently stymied government business adn undermined progress in the fragile Horn of Africa nation, so the relationship between the two men will be crucial.

Kheyre is a political newcomer and like Farmajo , is from the diaspora, holding Norwegian and Somali citizen ship.He also a former aid worker and oil executive of the controvercial British oil company Soma Oil and Gas.

Britan's Serious Fraud Office in December closed an investigation into Soma over bribery allegations after finding "insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of convention".

He has been a regional director of the Norwegian Refugee Council charity.

Kheyre is a close associate of former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and a member of the Hawiye clan, meaning his nomination maintains the traditional clan balance alongside Farmaggio who is a Darood.

The appointment must now be approved by parliament.

Somalis may share one ethnicity, language and religion , but years of war have hardened the domination of society and politics by a complex family tree of clans,sub-clans, and sub-sub clans, and the differing loyalties and rivalries between them.

Members of the Hawiye clan have dominated political leadership in Mogadishu for many years, and although presidents in Somalia don't tend to win second terms in office, another Hawiye choice was available.

By selecting a Darod from the more northern regions of Somalia, MPs from the upper and lower houses decided to vote for even greater change.

Having joint American and Somali nationality, Mr Mohamed returned from the US only last year to announce his candidacy.

He was first posted to the Somali embassy in Washington in the 1980s and was studying in the US when the civil war started in 1991 and he claimed political asylum.

While The new prime minister Hassan Ali Khayre, was a Nairobi based Somali political activists.

Local media reported that PM Khayre, has a Norwegian passport.

After he picked and appointed his prime minister Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, flied to Saudi Arabia to visit Islamic holly city, Makah al-Mukarama for Imrah and to pray for the country.

Farmajo also expected to meet Saudi Arabian King.

United Nations assistance mission in Somalia welcomed new prime minister.

"Good news that President @M_Farmaajo has appointed the country's new Prime Minister today. Congratulations, Mr. Hassan Ali Khayre. #Somalia" UN mission tweeted.


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