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Turkey busted 2 IS suspects along with heavy artillery

 2017-02-09 16:42:14.0

Turkey busted 2 IS suspects along with heavy artillery

ISATANBUL: Turkey has detained four suspected members of the Islamic State extermest group in the southeastern city of Gaziantep accused of planning a major attack and 24 sucide attack belts, on Thursday.

Police found the suicide belts made with 150 kilograms of explosives and fortified with metal pieces as well as two automatic rifles (Kalashnikovs), 14 kilograms (31Pounds) of TNT, cell phones that could be used as detonators and other materials during anti-terror operation in Gaziantep.

There were no detail on the nationalities of the suspects, who were allegedly taking order from high-level IS members in Syria. One suspect wanted to be a member in the terror organization, according to the source. The suspects were being questioned by the prosecutors on Thursday. An official at the government's office said that 'the four led police investigations to a field and other locations where the explosives and other material were hidden.

A video of the operation showed a sniffing dog with a handler in a field and officials unearthing various explosives and other objects. In other shot , an official is seen removing an automatic weapons , wrapped in plastic, from what appeared to a gap on the side of a building.

Last year , turkey suffered a series of deadly attacks carried out by IS and has stepped up anti-terrorism operations across the country. Some 750 people with alleged IS links were detained in a major police sweep in 29 Turkish provinces last week.

Turkey is hoping for a rest in relations with the United States that were strained under the Obama administration over Turkish demands fort the extradition of a U.S- based cleric, Fethullah Giuliani , who Turkey has accused of orchestrating a failed coup.

Turkey was also angered y U.S. backing for Syrian Kurdish fighters, since it considers them terrorists because of their links to outward Kurdish rebels in Turkey.

Turkey's troops are currently trying to liberate the IS-held town of Al Bab in Syria, is pressing for a joint operation with the U.S. to re-capture Raqqa without the Syrian Kurdish group's involvement.


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