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Karlie Kloss uses teaspoon to curl her eyelashes

 2016-05-30 07:12:41.0

swarovski_karlie_kloss-1200x675Los Angeles:�Model Karlie Kloss uses a teaspoon to curl her eyelashes and to reduce the puffiness of her "eye bags". Speaking to Stylist magazine about her beauty secret, Kloss said: "Teaspoons do a real good job at curling your eyelashes. All you have to do is lay the spoon down above the upper lash line and then pinch and lightly pull your lashes against it." However, the teaspoon also doubles up as a "de-puffing" eye treatment to reduce the redness of the model's tired eyes, reports "Teaspoons are also great at de-puffing eyes - I put them in the freezer and then lay them over my eyes when I've not had enough sleep. They really get rid of any eye bags," she said.(IANS)

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