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Kate Moss makes jam

 2015-11-04 04:02:46.0

download (12) Los Angeles:��Supermodel Kate Moss says she likes to make jam and has even named it Kate's Sweet and Sticky. �I make jam and oh my god, it is so delicious. My signature jam is damson or quince and it's called Kate's Sweet and Sticky. I'm a domestic goddess,� Moss said in a joint interview with supermodel Cara Delevingne to HELLO! Magazine, reports Moss's homemade spread has even got a seal of approval from some critics as British chef Jamie Oliver's children Poppy, 13, Daisy, 12, Petal, six, Buddy, five, think it's "better" than their father's jam. Moss - who has 13-year-old daughter Lila - explained: "I gave it to Jamie Oliver and his kids texted my kid the next day, saying: 'Oh, your mum's jam is really good, we just had some and it's better than Dad's.' Take that Jamie Oliver."

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