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Katy Perry accused of bullying aspiring singer

 2016-02-20 06:16:41.0

katy-perry-hot-pic-jpeg-15 Los Angeles : �Aspiring singer and songwriter Ryn Weaver has accused pop star Katy Perry of being a bully. In her a series of tweets, Weaver made a comment on Perry's tweet of Hilary Clinton and said it was nothing but a paid endorsement and spoke about her bullying behaviour, reports "Lol, sorry not sorry olease (sic) open your eyes... This tweet is ignorant if not funded... Bye," Weaver tweeted and added a link to the video with the title "Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight". Weaver, who has since deleted her tweets, added later: "No offense @katyperry but considering how much of a bully you were to me... I hope you don't mind my mindful disagreement with your $ endorsement." The budding singer explained how the bad blood escalated at rapper Drake's gig at 2015 Coachella festival. "If you must know... She came up to me and my friends... knowing I played... After we were friends... Then stared at me the whole time. She spoke to my friend waiting for me to speak...," Weaver recalled. "Anytime I spoke, she started turning her head around pretending she heard something... Then said 'do you hear something?' While staring at me... Anytime I spoke. After we were already friends. Did this the entire night..." (IANS)

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