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6 heart attack, 12 hour operation, Miracle baby survives

 2017-05-11 10:41:04.0

6 heart attack, 12 hour operation, Miracle baby survives

Tahlka News Bureau
New Delhi: Four month old Vididha suffers six heart attack the four month old baby was admitted to hospital for the last couple of months after going for 12 hour surgery for a major heart defect.

The news says its all miracle to after 12 hour surgery she felt heart attack and now safe.

Now Vididha is ready to be discharged by couple of days.

As her parents fight was not only against the medical condition but also the Financial.

Her parents only managed Rs 25,000 for 5 lakh bill , the rest amount paid by the various donor of the hospital.

When Vididha wah 45 days old had vomited after her mother fed her and felt unconscious. soon she was rushed to hospital.

Where the doctor her to take to BJ Wadia Hospital in Mumbai, where she was diagnosed with a heart defect called transposition of the great arteries, and is being treated.

Dr Biswa Panda, paediatric cardiac surgeon of Wadia Hospital, who operated on Vididha on March 14, said Vididha heart's anatomy was opposite of a normal heart.

Following the complex surgery, her heart function improved, but her weak lungs didn't. And the oxygen concentration in her blood used to routinely drop to a third of the normal while carbon dioxide would jump up three times, added the report.

The doctor said she was in the ICU for 51 days after the surgery, and went into cardiac arrest stage six times due to this imbalance, adding that her heart once needed 15 minutes to be resuscitated.

Her condition is stabled now will be soon discharged says report.


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