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Simple lifestyle to prevent cancer

 2017-05-31 12:26:25.0

Simple lifestyle to prevent cancer

Tahlka News Bureau

The first question that everyone asks themselves when they find out that they are suffering from cancer is "How did I get it?" But 99 percent of people do not know the answer to the question. Cancer is caused mainly by the cumulative consumption of toxins over time. If you keep consuming toxins, your oncologist can't save you. NO knife can cut out the toxin in your blood.

No amount of Chemotherapy or radiation can eradicate the carcinogens invading your blood supply. In fact, chemotherapy adds it, however the good news is that it's never too late to cut off cancer's fuel by ending your chemical intake- and that includes what you eat, drink, breathe in, inject and put on your body.

There is no one step cure to cancer. Cancer curing lives and breathes in cancer prevention. Don't eat cancer and it won't eat you.

The following lifestyle practices are simple, practical, and can prevent cancer, so do them!

1. Try to always avoid eating genetically modified organisms and processed foods whenever possible.

2. Never put personal care products on your skin, hair, lips, or nails that contain chemicals. Look for organic products that tell you specifically, on the label.

3. Never burn or spray products in your home that contain chemicals, like cheap candles and most popular air fresheners. Buy organic candles and make your own air freshener with filtered water and natural essential oils for wonderful fragrances.

4. Never drink water from the tap, as it usually contains sodium fluoride and other people's medications. Chemicals like bleach cause bladder cancer and pancreatic cancer. Buy a good water filter and never look back!

5. Avoid almost all white foods because they are bleached: including white bread, white pasta, white flour, white sugar and white rice except basmati.

6. Avoid artificial sweeteners - mainly aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), and sorbitol. These are known to cause irritable bowels and migraines, which are just first signs your body is rejecting them.

7. If possible, avoid prescription medications, as most are chemical based and turn the blood acidic, enabling cancer to develop and spread easily.


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