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Tips to cut food waste in the kitchen

 2017-06-01 11:40:47.0

Tips to cut food waste in the kitchen

Tahlka News Bureau

Rhian Hunter has mastered the art of turning food scraps into delicious gourmet meals. The 28-year-old tries not to waste a skerrick of food in the kitchen right down to the freezing leftover herbs in olive oil for salad dressings.

Over the year she's become smart about cutting food wastage. Rhian said, "When looking at recipes it wasn't always wise to follow the recipe book. Always make a shopping list so you don't double up on things you already have at home that can be used."

Top tips for reducing food waste include:

1. Smartly store your fruit and veggies: keep your potatoes with apples to stop them from sprouting, and store bananas away from other fruit to slow browning.

2. Watch your portion size: use small plates to ensure everything you serve to your friends and family gets eaten.

3. Write a shopping list aligned to your weekly meal plan: and don't shop hungry as that's when you'll pick up items you don't need.

4. Renew last night's meal for tonight with spices: keeping garlic, tomato paste, fresh vegetables, spices and pasta or rice on hand will ensure you can switch up any old leftovers.


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