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Twitter Lite announced in India, now partners with Vodafone

 2017-04-06 12:56:35.0

Twitter Lite announced  in India, now partners with Vodafone

NEW DELHI: Twitter has introduced its new and more friendlier version of the app called ,Twitter Lite. A more lighter, faster and more data friendlier version of the global social networking company, which now a partner with Vodafone in India.

Twitter Light, is designed for mobile web and is addressed towards markets in India where internet connectivity remains an issue. Twitter Lite is based on Google's progressive web app.

"India is instrumental to the growth of Twitter.It is one of the largest growth engines in the world.In India, over 200 million users are on prepaid.There i incredible headroom for growth of digital India, and Twitter particularly," said Maya Hari, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Twitter.

She points out that India is among Twitter's target audience, and the fastest growing audience in the world as well, though she didn't elaborate on the numbers for the same.

"We saw a close to a million tweets about Diwali in 2016.More than 6 million tweets during the recent state elections, she pointed out at the launch.

"Twitter Lite looks at emerging markets.The three main pillars on which it resides, which are network conditions, the kind of device being used and how affordable this access is to a user.Twitter Lite wants to address all these questions," said Arvind Gujtral, Senioer Director Business Development Asia Pasific, Twitter.

Twitter Lite will be available globally, through its first launch in India. It can be accessed on a mobile web, and it also comes with a data saving mode where it can compress 70 per cent of its data. Twitter Lite will let users choose if they wish to download images they see on Tweets, and has an offline mode as well.In this mode, tweets last cached show even the user goes offline.

The company says it has an app like feel with the round icon, which can be saved as bookmark on your homescreen, but works on the internet browser. Twitter claims there Lite version will use only 1MB of space on a smartphone.

According to the company, it will be available in 42 global languages with six Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali Kannade and Tamil.


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