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Love Connects

 2016-02-19 05:42:37.0

By Sudeshna Majumdar sudeshna maLove word may have timeless expression by the poets, the philosophers have their way of escaping into the comfortable detachment of the abstract. Love being a positive emotions impacts on everything we feel, think and do. Love is an emotion, a momentary state that infuse our body and mind alike. Love, like all emotions, it has distinct and fast moving pattern, subtle and coherently paced. It expands your horizons and awareness of your surroundings, even your sense of self. It gives the ability to see others beyond the person who they are, wholeheartedly. Love can give you palpable sense of oneness and connection. A transcendence that makes you feel being a part of something larger than yourself. Science has proven what mystic have been saying for thousands of years: we are not separate, individual beings; rather we are truly all connected. The core mechanism of love has brain, hormones and vagus nerve, a key conduit connects your brain to heart- these neurobiological elements which connects your brain to the rest of the body. love con Love is far more pervasive than you ever thought of a simple fact that �love is a connection� it�s a poignant stretch of your heart, that one can feel while biding adieu to an old friend or an innocent gaze of an infant. Its even the fondness and shared purpose of a group came together for a positive cause or just having a merry time with each other. Emotions may differently be emitted, the positive resonance shapes our love connection. Unusual connection of vibes travels through time from one soul to another. Its the ethereal emotion that connects us. Its said to be alive the vibes travel in the universe, its around us. Somewhere, its within each one of us, just that we fail to understand and identify it. We come across many person in our life, with some we don�t connect well, despite of being a good being, the vibes couldn�t establish the connect whereas with other we feels a strong connection and there we strike a chord. The network of emotions our thoughts revolves around us and start extracting the vibes travelling around. The thread of belief and faith start webbing around us, the spark start generating the connection and eventually love connects. There, where a new relation takes birth. Many a times we come across such vibes, we may overlook it and move ahead but in our heart we can hear its echo. Our mind constantly wander around it, try to decipher the meaning and our heart may confirms it. The journey of a beautiful relationship starts with soul connection, which is �eternal�. But many a times most our relationships are not so deep rooted , even if appear to be. Every other relationship, seems, no matter how sweet, kind, intimate or meaningful, will in the end revealed to be temporary. But you may found unexpectedly connected to a person whom you might not be regularly in touch, the connections may have been deeper than time, space or history. Life is full of mysteries and surprises, life unfolds mysteriously to the emotions and love. One needs to identify its various indications. Love makes our Life breath, move and go. Love connects us all. Love embodies us to�eternity.

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