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Mother's Day: Sonakshi Sinha�s special plan's for her mother

 2016-05-08 07:01:28.0

1345729_Wallpaper1Tahlka news Bureau,

Mumbai:�A mother�s love is limitless and beyond the world.�It is a big event for everyone when they get chance and opportunity to honour their mothers.

On this special day actress, Sonakshi Sinha speaks about the connect she shares with her mother Poonam Sinha.

There has been a lot written about Sona�s closeness to her father veteran actor cum politician Shatrughan Sinha, but not much is known about the role her beautiful mother played in the life of the �Dabangg� girl.

The world is celebrating Mother�s Day, Sonakshi too has decided to speak about her beautiful mother and her influence in her life.

She said, �My mother is the strict one. Since dad was always the one who pampered me, mom had to maintain the balance by being strict! Of course, it was all general scolding which is a part of growing up and that made sure that certain values stuck! I still get scolded if I do something wrong. It�s normal. I wouldn�t have it any other way.�

I remember some of the festivals we celebrated... Mom has an eye for detail and she pays attention to every small thing. She loves decorating the house and putting up cute pieces /items sometimes handmade stuff here and there. I always bring in my birthday with family... It's been a tradition!

Today on Mother's Day I would like to maybe cook a decent meal for her as that would really make her happy!

Sona has some special plans for Mother�s Day. She will be pampering her mother with a special meal cooked by her. She feels that her mother deserves it and it will give her immense joy too.

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