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IAF chief B S Dhanoa : 'be prepared for combat at short notice'

 2017-05-20 14:04:13.0

IAF chief B S Dhanoa : be prepared for combat at short notice

Tahlka News Bureau

New Delhi: Indian Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa in personal letter to more tan 12,000 officers amid the increasing tensions between India and Pakistan combined with Kashmir unrest, asking them to be ready for a combat at a very short notice.

The letter gave speculations of face-off with the neighboring countries.

However, the letter appeared to address issues that the force has been dealing with. Dhoana expressed his opinion on issues ranging form favoritism and to sexual harassment, according to an insider.

The move was seen as uncommon by the security analysts as Dhanoa is the first Air Force Chief who has written down his opinion in a letter to his officers. Dhanoa took control of the force three months ago.

The letter read, "In the present scenario, there is an ever persistent sub-convention threat. Therefore, we need to be prepared for operations with our present holdings, at a very short notice. Training needs to be focused towards this."

The Chief of staff being specific about the word 'favoritism' said, "we have been witnessing to a few instances of 'favoritism' in selection of officers for prime assignments and promotions. This is something we can ill afford." However, Dhanoa put rest to the questions about the participation of the families in activities of Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA) calling their contribution 'voluntary'. He said that the performance is not judged by these acts and the force must perform in operations.

He wrote, "stations are not judged by their performance in these activities but on operations".

In his letter, BS Dhanoa tries to invoke professionalism in operations. "there is no chance but to stay abreast of new technological advancements both awn as well as that of our adversaries. Only then will we come out with war-winning, out of the box situations."

Similarly, he also appeared concerned with the recent reports showing Air Force in bad light. The letter further reads, "abusive behavior, resorting to physical intimidation and behavior amounting to sexual harassment by senior is not acceptable".

The Indian Air Force have not issues any official statement regarding the move. IAF spokespersons also refused to comment on the matter and termed the letter an internal communication


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