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OPS, A Preffered Choice For BJP, Ahead Of The Floor Test

 2017-02-15 11:39:33.0

OPS, A Preffered Choice For BJP, Ahead Of The Floor Test

CHENNAI : The BJP is seeking to support the next succeeding party in Tamil Nadu through former parties caretaker chief minister of Panneerselavm , who might be the preferred choice.

The Party sees the Center playing a crucial role irrespective of which faction in the AIDMK scceeds in the CM stake. Regime in Tamil Nadu needs central assistance in dealing with issues such as drought after a poor north-east monsoon and the strained finances of the state which is battling a large revenue deflect.

While the party is expecting Panneersalevam to challenge the manner in which PWD and highway minister Edappady K Palanisamy was declared leader of the AIDMK legislative party and expects the scenario to become clearer when party MLAs leave the resort where they arte holed up.

"BJP is ready to help the next government if the AIADMK sets up a pro-people and development oriented government led by a honest and clean leader," BJP general secretary Muralidhar Rao, who is the party's in-charge for southern states, said.

"We to see how many MLAs who signed in favor of Palanisamy sticks to their stand or turn up to Panneerselvam's residence," he added.

Palanisamy has been one handful of senior AIDMK legislators to be given important portfolios by the late J Jayalalithaa. From the Gounder caste, he is part of an important section of the base. whereas Palanisamy is not a pushover.

BJP feels the conflict claims may yet result in governor Vidiyasagar Rao calling for a composite floor test, while the party is ready to do business with whichever faction emerges on top.

Some in BJP expect AIDMK legislators to support Panneerslvam once Sasikala is out of the scene but admit that party members will be driven by a desire to avoid an election, having barely served out a year of their term.

Soon after taking over as TN chief minister Panneerselvam, called on PM Narendra Modi , and made no bones about being cordial towards RSS which has been active in the state but has not been able to translate its presence in political terms with the BJP remaining a small party.

Pannneerslvam belongs to Thevar Community , whose prominent leader Muthuramlinga was known for proximity with the RSS, another reason for the CM being seen as hailing from a community that has not been averse to the saffron party.

As the Supreme Court judgment threw N Sasikala out of the chief ministerial race in Tamil Nadu, Congree asked the governor to call AIDMK for government formation, with a composite vote in case of two claimants to power.

"BJB and Modi government should now stop fishing in troubled waters. Role of the governor, which has been circumspect in this entire episode, must now become clear and the Constitution must prevail. The governor must forthwith call a special session of the Tamil Nadu Vidhan Sabhja to permit the ruling party, including more than one claimant if any, to prove their majority," said the Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala.


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