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AAP inviting public to its own EVM machines

 2017-06-04 10:32:59.0

AAP inviting public to its own EVM machines

Tahlka News Bureau

New Delhi: Terming the Election Commission's EVM challenge a "farce", the Aam Aadmi PArty (AAM) on Saturday opened registration for its parallel challenge and invented people to hack the voting machines under the poll panel's guidelines.

The AAP also invited the poll panel and Bharat Electronics BSE- o.35% Limited - the company that makes EVMs to part in the challenge along with their technical expert teams.

AAP legalized Saurabh BAhradwaj said that the participants can get themselves registered. It said the registration process will remain open for a week and then a hackathon will be organised.

"We launched our EVM challenge today and people can register themselves through a link on our website. Any hacker can participate and hack our machine under the conditions set by the EC. Each participant will be given a four-hour slot to tamper with our machine." Bhardwaj said.

The party is inviting hackers to test the EVM which Bahrdwaj had used in the Delhi Assembly to "prove" his allegations of tampering. The AAP has said its parallel EVM challenge will prove the one being held by the poll panel was "pointless".

Aam Aadmi Party has already declared not to take part in the Election Commissions challenge after his request for change in the terms and conditions was shot down by the panel.


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