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Amit Shah: 'we tackled unemployment in the country with self-employment'

 2017-05-26 16:39:21.0

Amit Shah: we tackled unemployment in the country with self-employment

Tahlka News Bureau

New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shah addressing the media at the third anniversary of the BJP government said that the Narendra Modi government have found a way to tackle unemployment in the country by promoting self-employment as it was not possible to provide jobs to all 125 crore people.

He also talked about at opposition parties over their charges of a "jobless" growth said that if they had paid attention to such figure during the UPA government, they would not have suffered defeat in successive elections.

Shah said that there is no specific and accurate mechanism to estimate unemployment figures. "We have tried to give new perspective to employment as it is not possible to provide employment to everyone in a country of 125 crore people. We are promoting self-employment and the government had made eight crore people self-employed," he told reporters.

The BJP chief said Modi government had laid the foundation of a "new India" as he described it as a decisive and transparent dissension which had achieved what governments could not since Independence.

In 2014, the BJP replaced a government suffering from policy paralysis and gave people a decisive and transparent government," Shah said.

The BJP-led government have nopw finished politics of casteism, dynasty and appeasement and raised the self-confidence and pride of the country on global level. While opposition was working to corner the government while it was working to develop the country, Shah said attacking the opposition.

On the Kashmir issue, Shah said the government was monitoring the situation very closely.

"We will control and find a solution soon," he said.

He also highleted some key issues of the schemes by BJP-led government, Shah said last three years scores of village were provided electricity which had been in dark since Independence.

Toilets have been constructed in more than 4.5 crore houses, 'jan dhan' accounts opened with zero balance, gas connections provided in two crore households, he said.

Shah, speaking about the governemnt's length of the governments schemes gave the slogan of "sath hai, vishwas hai, ho raha vikas hai" (with us, with trust, working for development).

The BJP president sharing the social initiatives given of the government said the government had given constitutional status to the OBC commission for empowerment of backward classes and distributed various assertive devices for disabled persons across the country.

On 'one rank one pension' (OROP) for ex-servicemen he said, "The demand for 'one rank, one pension' fell on deaf ears (for years), but we fulfilled that promise."

He also talked about the surgical strikes on terror launchpads across the border with Pakistan, the BJP president said it showed the "political will" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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