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Dead lizard found in McDonald's french fries in kolkata

 2017-03-03 10:38:06.0

Dead lizard found in McDonalds french fries in kolkata

Tahlka News Desk
Kolkata: News for fries lovers if you are a big fan of french fries you need to be more careful now you might have a severe case of fried reptile parts in your mouth. Kolkata's Priyanka Moitra on Tuesday, February 28, found this out, much to her dismay. A lizard was found fried with the french fries she had ordered on the day. Speaking to reporters, Priyanka said that she was 6 months pregnant. Naturally worried about the consequences if the food had been eaten by herself or her children, Priyanka has filed a FIR in the Phulbagan police station.

Earlier last year, in Singapore, a woman named, Angela Qiqi had gone on social media to share pictures of worms creeping inside her burger. Although, unlike Priyanka, she only managed to notice the worms after she had finished the burger. She had also claimed that the employees of the popular fast food chain weren't helpful either, which is reportedly also the case with Priyanka.

Although the outlets are countries apart, it is still worrisome for the fans of McDonald's and the company itself as incidents such as these would only harm the fast food chain's goodwill and take away the regular customers


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