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Former Pak NSA Ali Durrani Reveals The Truth About 26/11 Attacks

 2017-03-06 12:19:52.0

Former Pak NSA Ali Durrani Reveals The Truth About 26/11  Attacks

New Delhi: The former Pakistani National Security Advisor (NSA) Maj. Gen. Mahmud Ali Durrani here on Monday revealed the hand behind the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack pointing out his own country. He said that the attack was carried out by a terror-group based in Pakistan is a classic trans-border terrorist event.

He, However cleared that the Pakistani government had no intentions behind the attack.

Durrani made the statement at the 19th Asian Security Conference being held by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), a defence and security think-tank, in Delhi.

He said,"Hafiz Saeed (founder of Pak based terror group, Lashkar-e-Taiba has no utility, we should act against him."

During the time of the attacks, Durrani was serving for the Pakistan's NSA WHEN 10 terrorists arrived via sea from Karachi, launched coordinated attacks across Mumbai. Which took the security forces three days to flush out the terrorists, who attacked Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. the Oberoi Trident Hotel, Leopold Cafe and the Nariman House Jewish Center.

Durrani was removed from the NSA in 2009 for confirming the identity of Mumbai attacker Ajmal Kasab's Pakistani nationality to the media.

The attacker's took life of 166 people, including 18 security personnel and a few foreigners. Ajmal Kasab. the lone terrorist who was caught alive by the security forces was hanged in November, 2012 after a trail.

India provided enough evidence to Pakistan over the involvement of the top Lashkar-e-Taiba commanders in the attack. Pakistan, however, debunked the evidences.

Earlier this mont,India had asked Pakistan to re-investigate the attack and put Hfiz Saeed on Trial, who is currently house arrest in Lahore under the anti-terrorism law.

Durrani, while speaking at the event , pointed out some key reasons why terrorism in Pakistan has increased are - poverty, education, obfuscatory legal structures and weak police.

He said. "the fundamental challenges in counter terrorism are existing differences and conflicts between various nations and trust issues."

He said that terrorism any form should be "focefully condemned and banned". "Each nation should make sure that its territory should not be used by terror outfits," he said.

there are certain tenants of terrorism that can be identified, he said. "One is the use of sudden violence to strike terror and fear, particularly among civilians."

"Second is the use of unlawful force - violence being the primary instrument for coercion," he said, adding, "Thirdly the aim of such terror outfits is to coerce individuals and governments into accepting their demands."


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