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Haryana: 10-year-old girl pregnant after being raped by stepfather

 2017-05-14 10:56:45.0

Haryana: 10-year-old girl pregnant after being raped by stepfather

Tahlka News Bureau

Rohtak: In another horrifying case from Haryana's Rohtak a 10-year-old girl has been found to five months pregnant after being raped repeatedly allegedly by her stepfather. She is going through a critical situation as per doctors.

A ten year old have been found to be five-months pregnant in Haryana's Rontak after allegedly being raped by her father repeatedly. Her condition is serious, say doctors.

The mother of the child, a migrant labor from Bihar, took her to a doctor when she discovered her doctor's condition. The doctor confirmed her pregnancy. The girl told her mother that, she was being sexually abused by her stepfather, who is also her parental uncle and had threatened her not no talk about it.

The women took her daughter to a women's police station.

However, a medical board of PGIMS, Rohtak will meet them tomorrow to decide about her condition and to take further steps.

The inhuman act came to light after a 23-year-old women was brutally gang-raped earlier this week with her mutilated body was found from a plot near Rohtak's Industrial Model Township (IMT). The women head was said to be smashed by a brick and a vehicle ran-over her body before being dumped. She lay in the vacant plot for four days before someone spotted her, the skull was in pieces and half of the body parts bitten by stray dogs. The police confirmed that the victims head was smashed in order to her identity.

However, two men have been arrested for carrying out the monstrous crime. Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar called the crime "unfortunate". While, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi said the "savage and bone chilling incident had shocked the conscience of the nation, reminding each one of us about the crying need of revisiting the important issues of women's safety and security".


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