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Indrani Mukerjea was beaten up and has received brutal injuries in Mumbai jail, confirms medical report

 2017-06-29 11:30:26.0

Indrani Mukerjea was beaten up and has received brutal injuries in Mumbai jail, confirms medical report

Tahlka News Bureau

MUMBAI: Shina Bora murder case accused Indrani Mukherjea's allegation of being assaulted by Byculla prison official turns out to be true after a senior medical officer of the state-run JJ Hospital said today.
Indrani was booked for creating riot like situation in the women's prison along with 291 other inmates after the death of Manjula Shetye.

Two days ago, Indrani was alleged beaten up by six jail officials and the superintendent and was threatened of sexual assault for protesting against the death in jail.

Special CBI judge JC Jagdale on Wednesday said Indrani be first taken for a medical examination and later to a police station to file her complaint.
"Indrani has received some blunt injuries and other (injuries) as well. Her ckains of being betaen up apper to be true as per our check-up," the medical official of JJ Hospital, where Indrani's medical examination was conducted.
"It (Indrani's medical report) will be submitted i court, as the medical check-up was odered by the court," the officil siad.

On June 23, Manjul Govind Shetye, 45 was killed for which the enraged jailmates rose in protest the next day, some of tghem went to the prison's roof, while others made a bonfire of newspapers and documens inside the premises to express their anger.

Indrani claimed that she have seen the woman prisnor being allegedly assaulted. She said when she first inquired about her health (prior to her death), she was told that the convict was fine. However, ater Indrani learnt that Shettye passed away.
Indrai told the CBI yesterday that after a case was registered into Shette's death, she told the police she was ready to be a witness n the case.

She charged that even male officials in the jail resorted to cane charge on the inmates.
"I was hit on the hands and legs... I can barely walk," she alleged and added that the superintendent told her "yu witness banne ja rahi hai... tereko bhi dekh lenge'.
She said that the Superintendent threatened him her, saying "We will do the same thing that we did to Shette".


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