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Missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmad's mother slammed media for linking her son to ISIS

 2017-03-23 07:40:57.0

Missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmads mother slammed media for linking her son to ISIS

Tahlka News Desk
New Delhi: Missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmad's mother Fateema Nafees slams reporter for alleged calling his son link up with ISIS she said that her son had always been taught to love his country. Once in a report it has stated that hat Najeeb had looked for information on the Islamic State and watched related videos on Youtube.

Najeeb's Ahmad mother Nafees broke down in press club of India on wednesday said she had believed that the media would help bring back her son but it was defaming him instead. Nafees has also called the Deputy Commissioner of Police immediately and the police denied having made any such claims. She added that the people who had kidnapped her son were not being interrogated and neither were their mobiles and laptops being searched. Speaking with a heavy heart, she added that such conspiracies were being hatched to break her spirit. She added that Najeeb was not a radical who would go against his nation. We would gladly give our lives for the nation, we Muslims have taught our children that they were Indians and India was their country and they were born here and would die here, she added. She pleaded the media not to defame them like this.

Mohit Pandey student of JNU Union (JNUSU) President later addressed the same press conference saying that a communal picture of Najeeb was in the process of being painted by making allegations such as slapping ABVP students wearing the sacred Hindu thread and now with the story of him being interested in ISIS. Meanwhile, Dependra Pathak, the Chief spokesperson of the Delhi Police stated that they have not found any evidence linking Najeeb to the Islamic State during their investigation into his disappearance. The police simply denied the existence of any such evidence being submitted in the court.


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