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Sonbhadra: Most polluted district in India

 2016-12-30 09:12:20.0

coal-companies-creating-pollution1 Sonali Singh Sonbhadra: Big companies creates more pollution as companies like coal and power plant effects our environment more. Now a days conditions are getting more worst because of industries and power plants.

Companies like NCL(National Coal Limited) need to exercise control & follow the norms as soon as possible, because "even walking on road is tough" said by a sonbhadra local & NGO member.


People suffering from diseases due to smoke of coal companies. They are clearly violating NGT's orders. coal companies and power plants in area add to air & water pollution causing health problem to local residents.


Despite of NGT report terming sonbhadra is one of the most polluted district in India, no respite in pollution by coal cos. & power plants.

On the other hand Renusagar Power Corporation is causing high levels of pollution, which is effecting�the peoples more. what comes out of their chimneys is venomous said by a local.

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