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Passenger drives taxi home after,Uber driver falls asleep

 2016-05-21 06:47:13.0

52371689Tahlka news Bureau

Gurgaon: A 23-year-old man who had booked a cab past midnight using an aggregator�s app ended up driving the car himself after its driver allegedly dozed off midway and had to be transferred to the passenger seat where he fell into deep sleep.

A nine-second video uploaded on social media by the passenger, Gurgaon resident Ishaan Gill, shows the driver asleep even when Gill gets off the cab and leaves a Rs 500 currency note on his lap.

The video, along with a post by Gill narrating his experience on May 16, has gone viral.

Gill, a financial analyst with a corporate firm in Gurgaon, said the driver looked half-asleep when he arrived to pick him up. However, he decided to get into the cab after the driver assured him he was fine.

�At Aurobindo Marg, I looked up from my phone and saw that the driver was about to hit a divider.

He was asleep at the wheel,� said Gill.

He then asked the driver to park the car and gave him some water. �I showed him my driving licence and offered to drive.

He agreed and I drove home,� said Gill.

On reaching his house, Gill said he tried to wake up the driver to pay him but he did not stir.

He said he received a bill of Rs 427 for the ride and left Rs 500 in the driver�s pocket.

�I asked my society�s security guard to take care of him,� said Gill, adding that the driver was not drunk but seemed to have consumed some sort of intoxicant.

In the morning, he said he informed Uber about the incident. Gill claimed he received a call from Uber, offering him a reimbursement of Rs 500.

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