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Ramayana Places in Sri Lanka

 2016-11-12 10:06:58.0


In Sri Lanka there are more than 50 sites related to Ramayana places As we all know ravana was great devotee of lord Shiva, He is also described as extremely powerful man with ten heads. His paramount ambition is to overpower and dominate the, devas. His ten heads represent his knowledge of the six shastras and the four Vedas. In the Ramayana, Ravana kidnaps Rama's wife Sita and to exact vengeance on Rama and his brother Lakshmana for having cut off the ears and nose of his sister Shurpanakha. Ravana is also worshipped by Hindus in some parts of India, Sri Lanka and Bali. So, while kidnapping Sita and to the war scenario, also the places where ravana hide sita all places have been described here... munneswaram-temple Munneswaram Temple: - (5km away from Chilaw town) It is saying that when Lord Rama after his victorious battle left for Ayodhya in one of King Ravana's Vimanas. He felt he was being followed by Bramahathi Dosham as he had killed, King Ravana who was Brahmin. He stopped the Vimana at this juncture because he felt at this place the "Bramahathi Dosham" was not following him. He discended from the Vimana and asked God Shiva for the solution. God Shiva blessed Lord Rama and advised him to install and pray four lingams in Manavari, Thirukoneshwaram, Thiruketheeswaram and Rameshwaram in India, is the only solution to get rid of the Dosham.

manawari Manavari Temple: - Ravana who was from Brahmin cast. Lord Rama after killing King Ravana felt he has done major Dosham, because he was a Brahmin and decides to get rid of this dosham. So God Shiva advised him to install four lingams and Manavari was the first lingam installed and prayed by Lord Rama and till date this lingam is called as Ramalinga Shivan. Rameshwaram is the only other lingam in the world named after Lord Rama which is in India.

thirukoneshwaram-temple ThiruKoneshwaram Temple: - Thiru Koneswaram was built by Rishi Agastya on the instructions of Lord Shiva who was impressed by the devotion of King Ravana. This place is unique in this respect because the Lord built a temple for his devotee as a reward for his devotion. Lord Rama is believed to have offered his prayers here in order to get rid of the malediction of killing Ravana who was a Brahmin, meaning Brahmahasthi Dosham. dolukanda-sanjeewanee-mountain DoluKandaSanjeewanee Mountain: - At different points of time during the war both Lord Rama and Lakshmana were hit by powerful arrows, fell unconscious and to bring them back to life Lord Hanuman was instructed to fetch the life saving herbs from Himalaya. Hanuman went to the hill, lifted the whole hill and brought it, as he was not able to identify the life saving herbs alone. Parts from the hill fell on five places in Sri Lanka, namely, Rumasala in Galle, Dolu Kanda in Hiripitiya , Ritigala on the Habarana Anuradhapura road, Thalladi in Mannar and Kachchativu in the north.

Kanniya hot water springs

Kanniya hot Springs:- One legend about Kanniya's origin is that this is the place where King Ravana carried out the last rites for his mother. When he was unable to find water to duly perform the rites, his anger pierced his Trishula into the ground seven times. Water started gushing out immediately. The very hot water cooled down to the present degree when Ravana's anger calmed down. The temperature of the water is different.

cobra_hood_srilanka_ramayana Cobra Hooded Cave (Sigiriya):- This is called Cobra Hooded Cave as it has its shape. The tradition states that Sita was held in captivity here. There are many pre-historic drawings on its ceiling. There is a distinct link between Sita and the cave and it the following is inscribed, �Parumaka naguliya lene�. It would have been inscribed after Rawana�s period but positively it has a connection to Sita�s stay in this cave, as the word �naguliya� refers to Sita.

nuwara-elia-and-tea-country Ashok Vatika (Nuwareliya):- The Ashok Vatika is the place where Ravana kept the Sita captive. Ashok Vatika is a garden that is present in the Sita Eliya in Sri Lanka. Some of the interesting findings here include the rock on which Sita used to sat and meditate. Sita Eliya also has the only Site Temple in the world. The idol of Sita was excavated from here 100 years ago.


Divurumpola: - It is situated 15 km from Seetha Eliya on Nuwara-Eliya - Welimada Road. This is the place where Seetha Devi underwent "Agni Pariksha" (test). It is a popular place of worship among locals in this area. Divurumpola means place of oath in Sinhala. The legal system permits and accepts the swearing done at this temple while settling disputes between parties.

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